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A few years ago our daughter was studying for A-levels, she kept all of her course work stored safely on her laptop, but unfortunately not anywhere else. She switched it off one evening, when she switched on the following day it wouldn’t boot up. The hard drive had suddenly developed a serious fault and the data was unreadable by Windows. She was understandably upset and rightly worried she had lost her work. We did retrieve all of the files from the failed drive and copied them back to a newly installed drive. The moral to this story is always backup your important files, photos, music collection, or whatever it may be. With free cloud storage and inexpensive flash drives available, there really isn’t an excuse not to.

If the above story sounds familiar, and you are unable to see your files, all is not lost, in fact it rarely is. PC Logix can analyse where the problem is, and advise on what level of recovery we can expect.

Recovery Solutions


Logical Failure

Corrupt file system, deleted files, formatted drive…  £95.00+vat


Physical Failure

Mechanical damage, electrical damage…….                  £175.00+vat

Our recovery techniques ensure we get a very high success rate when retrieving data from damaged hard drives, but because of the varied nature of faults that can afflict a failed drive, we cannot guarantee a satisfactory outcome every time. Because of this PC Logix operate a no fix no fee policy on their Data Recovery service, so if we feel a satisfactory outcome cannot be achieved, the drive will be returned to you at no charge. Our fixed fee guarantees the cost to you for a successful recovery.

IT Consultancy

IT_consultancy_3DmenIT Consultancy is at the heart of what we do, and at the very core of our business. From initial consultation to ongoing service and support, we strive to give our clients help and advice at every stage. This isn’t always in the form of a face to face meeting, but can be through email or a phone call. Its not always chargeable either, but listening and advising forms the foundation of the relationship we try and build with all of our customers.


Starting a new business? It can be a daunting time as well as an exciting one. Questions such as “How do I register domain names, and who with?”  “What are the options for getting a professional email address?”  “Are all broadband providers the same?”  “Do I need a server?”  “How can I protect my data?”  “What is VoIP and can it work for me?”  “Do I need Cloud services?”…….  the list goes on. Working with “Start Your Own Business” as local sponsors for Herefordshire, and as part of our commitment in giving support to new businesses we offer free consultations and advice to all startups.  No commitment, no strings, no sales pitch, just professional unbiased information. What’s the catch? there isn’t one. Of course we hope your new business will thrive and grow, and you will use PC Logix for your IT support, but if you decide not to, thats fine, we’ll just wish you every success in your new venture



Computer systems troubleshooting covers a wide range of problems, from software faults to hardware failure, malware infection, poor infrastructure, the list goes on, all which can manifest itself in many ways. Our philosophy is all faults are fixable, if it is cost effective to do so. Thankfully most computer problems can be fixed in less than an hour. Anything over this and the question of viability has to be considered, where the cost of the repair has to be justified against the age and value of the item being repaired, and the cost to buy new. This viability holds true not only for personal computers or laptops, but also servers, printers, and most other hardware. We will quickly assess the cause of the problem, advise you the cost to fix, and discuss what other options are available to you.

“Nigel has been providing invaluable IT support to Quan Farming Company Ltd for the past fifteen years. His prompt, courteous and reliable service has been hugely important to our business development. We appreciate his breadth of knowledge and his modest professional manner.”

Gina Quan

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